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Welcome to the Environmental Living Program (ELP). Environmental Living, as the name implies, is an actual living, overnight experience for children that takes place at any cultural, historic, prehistoric, or natural site where the interaction and interdependency of people and their environment are represented. It relies heavily on pre-site explorations and preparations, role-playing, and problem solving. The ELP is an experience that the children will remember throughout their lives.

This Manual has been developed through years of experience. The WEB MANUAL is not a complete manual. Some graphics and photos have been removed for ease of downloading. The materials that follow may be photocopied. You can use them as is or choose those elements that fit into your own program. The ELP Interpretive Specialist is available for phone calls or e-mails from teachers and parent participants. On-site you will have one Interpretive Specialist to help you when you arrive.

The Manual follows a logical sequence of preparations for the Fort Ross Environmental Living Program. It starts with the Teacher's Section, followed by Costumes. The Teacher's Section has general information, rules and regulations, reservation procedures, handouts you need for getting your parents ready, sample schedules, and much more. Next is basic Role Group Information for Cooks, Militia, Hunters, Gardeners or Artisans. The Role Group Sections have two parts to them and has everything a participating parent should know about our program. The first part of each role group packet is for the parent to work on in class with the students. The second part of the packet is for the parents to bring with them on site. Parents must have a copy of the role group section they are leading, e.g. Cooks, Militia, Hunters, Gardeners or Artisans. The teacher is the "Manager" or the "Commandant", the parents are the "Officers" and the students are the "Employees". Fort Ross is sometimes referred to as Settlement Ross or Colony Ross and the entire group may be called the "Company". And next is Classroom Curriculum material. The Classroom Curriculum Section has Historical Overview, Chronology and Primary Documents that you will need when teaching the history of Fort Ross. It is followed by Student Activity pages with Historical Overview questions and other fun activities. And finally, the Appendix has extra materials your students and parents may be interested in using.

We do ask that you only assign characters who truly were at Fort Ross or were in California and associated with the Ross Colony in some way. For example, the teacher should choose a manager who worked at Fort Ross, not Baranov whose duty was in Alaska. A parent should be in an officer role, a student should be a labor class employee.

The Interpretive Specialists would like to thank all the teachers whose experiences and ideas helped us tremendously in creating this Manual. We appreciate your input and await your comments.

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