Home School Instructors and Parents

In addition to the ELP program created for the traditional classroom setting, we also offer similar overnight and day programs for homeschooling families. To determine scheduling availability for the homeschool program, please call our office at 707 847-4777.

The Environmental Living Program at Fort Ross State Historic Park is intended to educate in a manner that welcomes all learning styles. The ideas that follow, derived from numerous successful home school programs, are to assist instructors and parents in making the most of this program.

The process for getting everyone together in your group should start several months before your on-site program; four months ahead is ideal. All home school groups must follow these guidelines:

  • All groups will designate a Lead Organizer.
  • All participants will have read the ELP manual.
  • All groups will arrive in costume and in character.
  • Groups will strive to study the material and get into character such that their time at Ross is highly productive.
  • All groups will schedule several meetings that will include all home school participants.

These meetings ensure that:

  • Parents know other parents who may be working with their children
  • Children get to know each other
  • The program is well planned and organized
  • The students are fully aware of the history of Fort Ross and prepared for their on-site visit

All participants receive an ELP manual that provides a wealth of study ideas to prepare for your trip.

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