Weekend Presentations:

Presentations by Park Interpreters are available on most weekends. Please contact the park ahead of the day of your visit to be assured of presentations being offered. These presentations are free to the visiting public, and are usually fairly general in scope: why the Russian American Company came, what they did, and why they left the area. Within that framework, we are happy to focus on any aspect of the history of the site that your group may be interested in. Presentations generally last approximately one hour.

If you would like to reserve a special presentation date and time, these are available for a fee on a first-come first-served basis, so call as early as you can to ensure availability. Presentation fees are $2 per person including students and all chaperones. A $40 deposit is due within two weeks of making your reservation.

  • Weekend presentations:

The State Parks Interpreters offer free 1-hour presentations, twice a day at noon and 2pm, on most Saturdays and Sundays. These presentations are free to the public

  • Overnight ELP Program:

The Environmental Living Program provides hands-on learning which allows children (ages 7 through 13) to experience the joys of history as active participants. Students spend a day and a night in costume, role playing the lives of Russian American Company employees by eating historically accurate food, dancing, and working hard for the company. Learn more about Environmental Living Program.

  • Day-Only ELP Program:

The Environmental Living Day Program provides a day-long version of the overnight program. Learn more about Day-Only ELP Program

Both curriculums are aligned with 3rd through 5th grade California state standards. Both ELP and ELDP allow the students to come to Fort Ross while role playing a character and learning a job. The following characters are historic roles that were lived at Fort Ross, and are available for all adults and students who come to Fort Ross for ELP or ELDP:

To get more information on ELP please refer to Day-Only ELP Program